What is JaraTech?

  • 2012

    Jaratech starts developing Aimcandidate, Goldfinder and SocialSearch 2.0

    Every month a new social network is born

    Personal online reputation, next issue for Social Networks

  • 2011

    Social Networks became first recruitment agent

    Pinterest & Google Plus Beta launched and Buzz is discontinued

    Plaxo exited Social Networking business and LinkedIn goes IPO

  • 2010

    First JaraTech Social Search beta version

    Xing fire Spanish management team

  • 2009

    JaraTech is founded!

    FourSquare and Posterous first steps

    Facebook acquires Friendfeed

  • 2008

    Facebook overtakes MySpace as the leading social Networking site

    XING purchased the Turkish SN Cember

    Microblogging app

  • 2007

    FriendFeed, Tumblr and Ning, social networks platform are launched

    XING purchased the Spanish SN Neurona

  • 2006

    Twitter and Badoo birth

    Tuenti founded

    OpenBC is renamed to XING and went public (IPO)

  • 2005

    Youtube and Reddit are launched

    Neurona (intercom guys) Spanish Social network goes live

  • 2004

    Viadeo, Mixi, aSmallWorld, Multiply, Flickr, Digg and Orkut were launched

    Facebook born in Harvard College, USA

  • 2003

    NetLog, LinkedIn, Del.icio.us and OpenBC first versions

    MySpace appears as a Friendster clone! Built in 10 days!

    Hi5 shows third degree contacts rules

    Plaxo born. Blogger is purchased by Google

  • 2002

    Friendster is launched – first popular SN

  • 2000

    .COM bubble Burst! ¿Terra?

  • 1999

    Blogger launched

    Infojobs launched

  • 1998

    Google born

  • 1997

    Sixdegrees.com launches

  • 1996

    Multiplayer games became popular on internet (WWC, Quake..)

  • 1995

    Rafael First Startup on internet

  • 1994

    – Yahoo & Geocities are founded

  • 1993

    IRC & ICQ, instant messaging, rules “social” internet

    Rafael Alcalde installed one of the first IRC servers in Spain (hacking university network… ;)

  • 1992

    14,4k Baud modem are the top!

  • 1991

    Linus Torvals release first linux kernel

    HTML is developed by Tim Berners

  • 1986

    First PC purchased by Rafael

  • 1981

    First x86 based PC/MSDOS non IBM

  • 1978

    UseNet (not internet) start using early web browsers

    BBS exchanged data over phone lines among users

  • 1971

    The first email is sent!

Social JaraTech Technologies was born in October 2009, with a clear purpose: to be the professional search solution on social networks.

The key to success of any business is the ability to search for the best talent and business contacts suitable for your business. The tools used today are quite poor: employment sites and commercial databases. Both solutions lack the dynamism of the market, are not up to date and also lack sufficient volume of people to meet the demand of enterprises.

This leads to a situation that continues even today: 80% of companies recruit using their direct contacts, and only 1% use headhunters. Starting in 2008 social networks expanded globally, growing exponentially every year and became the main tool of branding as an employer.

The "community" has turned to social networks as an alternative to traditional channels, stimulated by another factor: the crisis, which requires more effective and cheaper solutions. In just 3 years in Spain, job portals have lost 40% of their regular customers to social networks "professionals" like LinkedIn. These social networks have proved more effective than job boards, especially in certain profiles, but at a cost similar to that used in traditional media, or even higher, as there is a technological and cultural gap in training talent acquisition teams and the risk of error is also greater.

So, how does a company work in its talent acquisition strategy? Does it maintain traditional channels? Should there be a team of recruiters that use social media turning them into something like a community manager? And if you do this, will the complexity of working with multiple networks compensate the results?

JaraTech wants to solve a real problem, anywhere in the world: find the talent that a company needs to grow and develop. All this in a simple manner and without the risks associated with working in complex social networks. We developed a unique technology that can broaden the subnets that make up social networks, discovering the paths we need to contact professionals, in the end facilitating contact.

We invite you to test our solution and follow us on our networks on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook where we will try to give you support in all search processes.

Who founded JaraTech?

Rafael Alcalde

Rafael Alcalde Cazorla, CEO and founder, developed his career mainly in 2 areas: Recruiting / HR and Media (press) in technology management positions (IT, R&D, Internet) and recruiting.

Miguel angel Sicilia

Miguel-Angel Sicilia holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University Carlos III. He is currently Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Alcalá.Coordinator of European projects in the area of ??analysis and data mining, and developing systems based on Social Network Analysis (SNA) and training algorithmsCommunities.

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